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Official Hawaii Driver History Record Form

Official Hawaii Driver History Record Form

You can buy your Official Hawaii Driver History Record Form here. To buy, please, click on the Order Your Record button and complete the checkout procedure. You will receive a link to the download PDF form. Please, print and fill it out and send the notarized copy to the given address. We will send record to your provided address.

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We are here in Hawaii and we obtain your Driver License Abstracts directly from the Hawaii District Courts who maintain all Hawaii Driver Records. We are there every morning, and by days end we have the actual Certified Driver License Abstract in our hands. The documents are then Fedexed to individuals and Law firms worldwide with tracking numbers that are emailed immediately.

Hawaiiservicecenter.com is the only private source of Driver License Records and Abstracts in the State of Hawaii and is privately owned and operated. The driver license records you need come directly from the State of Hawaii and are not modified or altered in any way. We are not affiliated with the Hawaii Judiciary or any sub-division of the State of Hawaii.

Our mission is to provide you with certified driver license records by expediting the time required to acquire the documents and by personalizing what can be a frustrating experience especially for individuals who do not live in the State of Hawaii at this time, but may have had a Hawaii Driver license if they lived here or may still use their Hawaii license in another State. People who value their time and understand that obtaining driver records can be very time very time consuming.

Current and former residents of the State of Hawaii realize that they obtain these documents themselves and save money by waiting weeks or take advantage of our services which are personalized and do have service charges. We have additional charges for Federal Express, UPS, special courier and other means of secure delivery and which add to the cost of acquiring the documents. We do not use the United States Post Office. We understand that you may have many questions about our service and we have provided you with all of the latest technological means available today to answer your inquiries and we invite you to email us with any questions. You will receive a timely response. Please Email us with your questions at info@hawaiiservicecenter.com

What is a Traffic Abstract?

A traffic court report (sometimes called a "complete" abstract) is provided as a convenience to individuals who want a case record history that includes equipment and parking citations in addition to the information contained in the traffic abstract.

The traffic court report is provided only to the individual in person at District Court, after verification of identity with a picture ID. Traffic court reports may not be ordered by mail.

Each traffic court report costs $5.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page.


NOTICE: Hawaiiservicecenter.com is privately owned and operated and is not affiliated with the State of Hawaii. All information on this website, description of services, forms, and prices for records and documents are those of Hawaiiservicecenter.com and do not reflect the cost of obtaining documents from the Hawaii District Courts, State of Hawaii which may be lower. All driver license records and documents ordered on this website and received by you are exactly the same as documents obtained directly from the Hawaii District Courts, State Hawaii and have not be modified in any way.