Mercedes Benz Vin Check Service

Mercedes Benz Vin Check Service

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Before you buy your next Mercedes, let us check your VIN in great details. Our reports are way more detailed such as our competitor CarFax. Never sign your buyers agreement before you receive a full VIN report from us.  You have no recourse once you sign that buyers agreement. Know you have clean vehicle, try us out today!

“The Vehicle History Report Is the DNA of a Used Car”

 Show me the Carfax!

A catchy slogan. Peel back their business and learn  the truth about their reports.

Collusion with dealerships and more…..

Show me the Carfax…..For what?

Many companies sell vehicle history reports. Carfax's main competitor is AutoCheck, owned by Experian Automotive Inc. In the December article, AutoCheck said it charges a monthly fee of about $635 per dealership for its reports.

Linn: Many reports are inaccurate.

Mike Linn, executive director of the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association, says vehicle history reports are helpful in used-vehicle sales if the reports are accurate.

A lot of them aren't, Linn says.

Forty-one states participate in a database set up by the federal government to be a repository of vehicle condition and reporting information. There is also the issue of the lag time between when a vehicle is in an accident or is damaged and when that information reaches a vehicle reporting agency.

Linn adds: "Consumers are being told to put so much faith in these reports but so many are inaccurate."

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