As an owner of property in Hawaii you are entitled to obtain a Hawaii Property Owners Card!

Hawaii Property Owners Card

Kamaaina Discounts : Absolute Proof ! Service. Savings. Discounts. Comfort Thousands of Hawaii property owners save all year in Hawaii With this card from restaurants, hotels, car rentals and more! This card is an instant proof that you hold a property in Hawaii. Apply Now


A Hawaii Property Owners Card is an unquestioned proof that you are currently a property owner of the Hawaii and are entitled to Kamaania Discounts and other benefits..


When you get Hawaii Property Owners card, you become a part of the Hawaii community with hundreds and thousands of native residents living in Hawaii. This means you get an access to every discount available to the Hawaii permanent residents and can earn range of savings and benefits for lifetime.

When you travel, remember your Hawaii Property Owners card to take advantage of the offers available around. The proof of your permanent residence in Hawaii through this card is your key to access these offers.


In Hawaii, you can obtain your Hawaii Property Owners Card by verifying your ownership. Then, simply complete the order form at our Hawaii Property Owners card page, and proceed to checkout. You will get your Hawaii Property Owners Card within 1 - 3 business days.

What if you do not own any property in Hawaii?

You can still obtain your Hawaii Property Owners card by presenting at least two (2) of the documents on this list.

  • - Copy of lease or rental agreement
  • - Utility bills: Honolulu telephone, electric or cable
  • - Payroll checks stubs
  • - Checking account with SS# imprinted
  • - Tax returns
  • - Voter Registration Card
  • - Vehicle registration

How to Get?

You can get your Hawaii Property Owners Card by filling the form at our Hawaii Property Owners card page. Click here and proceed to checkout to get your card.


You have to ask the question "Do you offer a Kamaaina Discount?" by entering at any place. If they say "yes", you can use this card to pay less than the actual payment.

The two most important words are, be consistent! When you walk into any establishment throughout the State of Hawaii, the first thing you need to do upon meeting a sales person in any establishment, is ask the following question:

"Do you offer a Kamaaina Discount?" When you ask this question you are alerting the salesperson to one fact. That you know that your friends may not have paid as much for a particular item as you may pay. This, so to speak, places you and the sales person on the same page. In all fairness, you cannot ask the question after the sale has been made.

If the salesperson says "yes, we offer a 10% or 20% Kamaaina discount", Everybody wins! If they say, sorry we don't offer any discounts, nothing has been lost and in the case of very expensive establishments or restaurants, you can then make an informed decision as to whether you want to stay there or seek another restaurant that offers Kamaaina discounts or lower prices.


Very few establishments throughout the State of Hawaii have signs in their places of business that say, " ask us about our fabulous Kamaaina discounts". This just doesn't happen. Don't be reluctant or embarrassed to ask....most people who have lived here understand this, and do ask. It's fun, can be very rewarding, and those 10%, 20% discounts, or more, really add up!


You can use this card to save big money in Restaurants, hotels, golf courses, car rentals, etc... You can now find out what establishments do offer a discount and seek them out.

what is the GUARANTEE?

The cost of the card is only $59.50 for a lifetime card. That means you will never spend more money or time to renew it, as long as you own your property.

Simply put, it is impossible for any cardholder not to save on purchases if you use the Card just as we suggest. Many owners tell us that the card paid for itself in just one day!

We want more security and value for our cardholders, that's why we have an unconditional guarantee. Keep records of how much you save. If your Hawaii Property Owners Card use has not resulted in any discounts and has not paid for itself many times over, and you are still not satisfied, return it to us for a full refund. The Card must be returned to us for refund. After 6 months of ownership however the guarantee will expire.

How Your Business Can Benefit

We offer FREE advertising for your business in our newsletters. People love a great deal. Successful business owners in Hawaii know that by accepting the Hawaii Property Owners Card for discounts and we would like to include your business in this growing list absolutely free of charge and without obligation.

If you offer Kamaaina discounts to your patrons, you can get free advertising over 40,000 times a year thru our newsletters which are sent to all Hawaii Property Owners card’s owners on the US Mainland.

The Hawaii Property Owners card is available only to Hawaii property owners or anyone who can provide proof a residency as required. It is an ID that is fully documented and is strictly controlled. To sign up for free advertising, fill out our online form indicating that you will accept the Hawaii Property Owners and note the types of discounts you will offer and the dates they are valid. You can change your kamaaina discounts as often as you like. Please call us at 1-800-213-1493 if you have any questions. We look forward to helping you!

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get the card?

Your card can be printed by your computer immediately after you have completed the online form and have paid $59.50 for the lifetime card.

Do I Need A Photo ID?

The Hawaii Property Owners Card that you print will be very effective however, you will also receive a Blue and white permanent card that will be mailed to you in 1-2 weeks.

Please make sure that you upload your favorite photo in the optional field on the online form In order to receive your Photo Resident Card, you will need to upload a 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" size photo during the registration process. If you did not upload your 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" photo during the registration process you can send it to us as an attachment by emailing​

Is the Hawaii Property Owners Card issued by the Hawaii State Government?

No, The Hawaii Property Owners Card is issued by Resident Card Services which is a privately owned company. All property data is available from the Hawaii Property Tax office and online from their website found here.

Why does my ID card look different then the one displayed on this site?

One is a temporary card that you may download, and use immediately until the blue and white plastic, as shown, arrives in the mail.​

Why won't my golf course give me a discount when I use my card?

Some golf courses discriminate against residents and property owners. They tell them that they must have a Hawaii Driver License in order to get lower rates. We have an entire section on this matter. ​​

If a merchant refuses to give us a discount, what should we do?

You can also inform them that you will take your business elsewhere that does give you a discount. Unfortunately it is up to the individual business owner. We suggest finding an alternate establishment that does give a discount.​​

Is the Photo ID card secure?​​​​​​​​​

Yes. The Hawaii Property Owners Card is made from materials obtained from NASA research. It is impossible to alter the card.

When does the card expire?

It does not expire. It is valid for a lifetime unless you change your residence.

What if I lose the card?

It will be replaced free of charge except for shipping and handling, no questions asked.

Can another person, traveling with me get discounts?

It all depends upon the merchant. If the establishment wants to extend the discount they are giving to you, to another person, that is entirely up to that establishment.​

Can I use the Card statewide?

Yes you can use the card all across Hawaii.​​

Do you have an email newsletter?

We are now making provisions for a monthly newsletter.​​​

I am not a property owner but I am a legal Hawaii resident. How can I get a Card?

The Hawaii Property Owners Card is available to non-property owners as well and we require that they email proof of residency to us. Please email at least 2 of the documents on this list. We do not accept faxed copies of these documents, they must be emailed.​​​​

  • Copy of Lease or Rental agreement
  • Utility bills, Telephone, electric or Cable
  • Payroll check stubs
  • Checking account with name imprinted
  • Hawaii Tax return
  • Vehicle Registration​