Live! (Aloha!)

Live! (Aloha!)

So, what is the Hawaii Life you seek? I once read that we have two choices: “we can make a living; or, we can design a life.” I’m a believer that we all have the opportunity to do both here on Maui. It’s a place of endless summers, tussling coconut palms, windy back country roads filled with green pastures and picturesque shorelines. It’s a place that encourages a healthy lifestyle with no shortage of local farmers markets or walking/running trails that beckon you outdoors to experience the year-round warm climate and magical vistas. It’s a place with modern conveniences and access to great healthcare. It’s a place that holds its “small town” feel sacred with an underlying current of aloha. It’s a place many of us choose to embrace and call home. It’s a great place to design a life with more balance and inner spiritual well-being.

No matter where you’re from geographically or what climate, Maui is a unique and special place to visit or hang your hat. If you are considering a move to Maui, really consider the lifestyle that best suits you. The bounty of micro climates here on Maui can make you sunny warm in the dry shoreline communities; or, cooler in the “upcountry” which can offer sprawling acreage, big views and a more “rural” vibe. Those are only a couple of the many micro climate communities offered here on Maui. I believe you can truly find a spot that speaks to your live/work ideals. If you are considering a visit or move to Maui, don’t hesitate to reach out to speak further about Maui and it’s many areas and communities.

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